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Green is on a minimum contract and can be renounced and return later in free agency for the same amount as his cap hold.

Johnson is leaving already. Young’s fate was sealed when the Celtics did not pick up his 4th year Rookie Scale team option. Olynyk and Jerebko will certainly sting, but it is a necessary evil to clear space for Hayward. Olynyk will receive a big offer as an unrestricted free agent, but Jerebko could potentially return […]

Russell feels equally comfortable playing either guard spot, but noted the relative ease he felt playing off the ball.

“It’s easier. I like the ability to be able to do both jobs,” he said. “But playing off the ball i feel like you have one job and that’s to play-make on the offensive end. On the defensive end, definitely guard your position. But on the offensive end, just play make, and I feel like […]