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Russell feels equally comfortable playing either guard spot, but noted the relative ease he felt playing off the ball.

“It’s easier. I like the ability to be able to do both jobs,” he said. “But playing off the ball i feel like you have one job and that’s to play-make on the offensive end. On the defensive end, definitely guard your position. But on the offensive end, just play make, and I feel like that’s my strength instead of coming up across half-court with the ball in my hands and setting up guys — and then when the ball comes back making plays.

“It’s vice versa, when you off the ball as soon as you get it you can make those plays and attack the defense. So it’s definitely easier, but wherever I’m at, i feel i can make it work.”

We weren’t sure that Ball could drive and finish going to his right against higher competition. We still haven’t seen him do it against the best NBA athletes, but this is an encouraging sign in his development.

More than anything else, Ball made adjustments and improvements from game to game. He still hasn’t quite found his jump shot — he’s shooting 5-of-26 from three and 38 percent from the field overall. But he’s slowly shown more ability to operate in the pick-and-roll-centric NBA game.

He went from simply pulling up for three when opponents went under screens to finding a way to get into the paint. He operates in transition like a veteran, throwing the ball up ahead of the defense — or even over the defense. When he gets a head of steam, it’s tough to stay in front of him.

Lakers fans should be excited about what Ball could be. Scoring Cheap Kids Soccer Jerseys won’t be Cheap Jordan Jerseys his strength, but he showed he can be a threat to score, which will set up the rest of his game.

The best of him has yet to come. If it’s anything like it was last night, the rest of the league is in trouble.

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